Shubb GS1

Represents the most significant step yet in the evolution of the guitar steel yet. Hardwood handle is weighted for proper balance and stainless steel edge for clean pull offs.


Shubb SP1

The original Shubb-Pearse Steel designed by John Pearse is favored by many 8-string lap steel and Hawaiian guitarists for its extra length (3 3⁄8") and cutaway bullet tip.


Shubb SP2

It’s design suggested by Peter Grant, the extra mass (for tone) and double cutaway (for control) make this a versatile bar for various styles of resophonic and lap steel guitar.


Shubb SP3

Designed by Sally Van Meter for playing bluegrass, or any of today’s demanding slide guitar styles. It’s built for speed, precision, and control.


Shubb SP4

The basic steel: the same familiar shape many players have used for years.


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